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The Chinese team won the first prize in the deep sea project competition

Release time:2019/8/12 9:42:17 Access:

On August 11, the "International Military Competition - 2019" deep sea project competition entered the final stage, and each team competed for the final competition. In the "balance" project carried out that morning, the Chinese Navy team successfully completed the competition with a score of 2 minutes and 23 seconds. After winning the underwater connection flange, they won the first prize of the project again.

It is understood that the "balance" project is intended to test the underwater fishing capacity of divers. At the time of the competition, a lever "balance" was installed on the seabed. There is a cargo basket at one end of the “balance”. The diver needs to put 10 pieces of weights of 32 kg each. Use the principle of lever to lift the cover at the other end of the “balance” and take out the spherical “cannonball” below. Salvage the "cannonball" out of the water. The project not only tests the diver's physical strength, endurance, but also tests the team's teamwork ability.