RELOC GROUP PTE LTD is headquartered in Singapore, Asia's largest financial trading center.

    The Ruile Group aims to provide you with “Singapore's overall service ecosystem”, 

    which has the Ruile Family Office, Ruile Accounting Firm, Ruile Immigration, Ruile Study Abroad, and Ruile

    Real estate, Ruile business inspection and other departments.

    service items
    • Ruile Family Office

      Open individual households, company households, encrypted accounts, trusts, insurance, 13X13R tax-free policy framework, wealth appreciation.

    • Ruile Accounting Firm

      Registered in Singapore, registered BVI companies, annual financial statements, corporate income tax returns, etc.

    • Relais Singapore Immigration

      Singapore tax ID card, for family immigration Singapore PR.

    • Ruile Singapore Study Abroad

      Children aged 3-16 are enrolled directly, including Stanford American International School, Canadian International School, Dulwich British International School, Southeast Asia Union College, and Australian International School.

    • Relais Singapore Property

      Luxury apartments, shops, office buildings, hotel investments, etc.

    • Swiss Music Singapore Business Review

      Five inspection projects:

      Finance, real estate, education, medical care, business and business.

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